The Enduring Legacy of Franco | Spain’s Forgotten Dictatorship Ep. 4 | Documentary

Franco’s foreign policy successes opened up new perspectives in Spain in the mid-1950s, which brought the country forward again after a long period of stagnation.
The renewed legitimization of Franco’s rule led to dwindling resistance inside and outside Spain, while the dictator consolidated his position. However, with new international friendships came fresh influences into the country and Spain began to change.
These changes presented the regime and Franco with new challenges: How long could Franco hold on to power? And can Prince Juan Carlos give the dictatorship a promising future? Our documentary series embarks on a journey into the past to shed light on the four decades of General Franco’s rule.
Beyond the usual clichés about the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s seemingly clever leadership, the documentary provides a more nuanced insight. The research results of the last ten years shed new light on Spain’s heritage and the regime of General Franco.

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Documentary: The Truth About Franco – Spain’s Forgotten Dictatorship


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