The Four Deuces (1975) Jack Palance, Carol Lynley | Mafia Movie | Full Film, subtitles

There are no aces in this pack!!
The film centres around gangland boss Vic Morono who presides over a mixed pack of cards with the trumps being the ‘The Four Deuces’-Chip Morono, Mickey Navarro, Ben Arlen and Smokey Ross.

Director: William H. Bushnell
Writers: Don Martin, Lester Franklin
Stars: Jack Palance, Carol Lynley, Warren Berlinger
Genres: Action, Crime, Comedy

00:00:00 Full Movie
00:02:31 Opening scene – Newspaper headline
00:06:44 jack
00:15:20 At the club
00:23:13 Chico enters from the rear
00:31:13 Deuce of Diamonds plans mischief
00:34:24 fight scene
00:48:52 That’s life assassination
00:57:53 Vics Birthday party
01:05:04 Shootout
01:07:30 Russ & Wendy get to know each other