The Fourth Victim 1971 | Carrol Baker, Michael Craig | Mystery, Thriller | Full Movie

A wealthy Englishman finds his third wife dead. After the police discover that his first two wives had also died suddenly, an investigation is launched. Meanwhile, a new neighbor moves in and becomes very interested in him.

Original title: La última señora Anderson
AKA: The Fourth Mrs. Anderson / Death at the Deep End of the Swimming Pool

Director: Eugenio Martín
Writers: C.B. Gilford, Vicente Coello, Santiago Moncada
Stars: Carroll Baker, Michael Craig, Miranda Campa
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Thriller

00:00 Full Movie
08:33 A man is charged with murder after his wife’s body is exhumed for an autopsy.
13:45 Mr. Anderson is accused of killing his wives, but the jury finds him not guilty.
26:30 A man returns home after a long absence and encounters a woman who is trespassing in his pool.
34:00 Julie and Arthur get married, proving their trust and love for each other.
50:09 Arthur Anderson reports his new wife, Julie Spencer, missing to the police, but they discover she was previously involved in a murder investigation and had been treated for mental illness at the Shepherd Clinic.
52:42 A couple discusses their troubled past and their hopes for the future.
1:01:26 A man discovers that his wife is not who she seems and plans to kill her.
1:14:23 A mysterious phone call leads to a confrontation between Mr. Anderson and Julie Spencer/Lillian Martin.
1:23:23 A man discovers his wife’s true identity and her involvement in a scheme, leading to a dangerous situation.