The Generation Gap 叛逆 (1973) **Official Trailer** by Shaw Brothers

Title: The Generation Gap 叛逆
Year: 1973
Director: Chang Cheh 張徹
Casts: David Chiang 姜大衛, Agnes Chen 陳美齡, Ti Lung 狄龍, Kong Ling 江玲

Besides helming some of the best martial art epic films to date, Chang Cheh’s genius gave Shaw Brothers a contemporary cinematic facelift with a strange mixtured series of gangster films and generation gap melodramas. In The Generation Gap, Chang intelligently reunited a dyad of duos, actors David Chiang and Ti Lung, and acclaimed fight directors Liu Chia-liang and Tang Chia, to create a masterpiece that forges youthful growing pains into gangsterism and death while subliminally reminding the audience that crime doesn’t pay. Chiang’s rebellious, anti-authoritarian character is masterfully balanced as director Chang introduces teen idol singer Agnes Chen to play Chiang’s gentle, girlfriend singer. Chiang’s unsettling yet provocative performance earned him the best actor award at the 1973 Asian Film Festival.


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