The Godfather – 1972 – If You Touch My Sister Again, I’ll Kill You – HD WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

CUT TO: City street. Carlo is seated on a stoop with two men. -day

CARLO (watching a man leave the building)

This fat slob’s still bettin’ the Yankees pretty heavy? You tell ’em to stop takin’ action on ’em,



We lost enough money last week on the game…

[Sonny’s car appears, screeches to a halt. He gets out]

SONNY (as he throws a sawed-off broom stick at Carlo)

Carlo, come’ere! — come’ere!, come’ere!, come’ere!

(then, after catching him after a short chase and beating him)

You bastard!

[Sonny punches and kicks Carlo while bodyguards hold back on-lookers. Carlo

screams when Sonny bites his knuckles which are clenched to a metal fence. Sonny slams a

garbage can lid on Carlo’s head over and over. The one-sided fight continues until Carlo

ends up motionless on his back in the downpour of an open fire hydrant that kids were

playing in.]

SONNY (exhausted)

You touch — my sister again, I’ll kill ya.

[As Sonny begins to walk away, he stops, goes back, and kicks Carlo one last time]