The Headliners – 1930’s Gangster short film

Before you make some useless comment about “bad acting” or it being “cheesy”, my friends and I made this for a few hundred bucks over a weekend. NONE OF THEM ARE ACTORS!!!! We just wanted to make a 1930’s era melodrama. Period.

Set during the great depression when bank robbers were viewed as heroes to most, The Headliners is a melodrama about 3 knuckle-heads trying to rob their way to the front page. After two failed attempts in a Midwestern town, Tommy Gunrow, Johnny Malone and Frankie ‘Flap Jack’ Johnson are giving it one more shot to make the headlines.

Starring: Thomas Haugan, John Faris & Joe Hubers

Written & Directed by Dalton Coffey


Budget: $1000

Camera: Canon 5d mkII
Lenses: Zeiss ZF, Nikon Zooms
Sound: Rode NTG1, Sennheiser MKH-416, Fostex FR2 Field Recorder
Support: Glidecam X-10/4000
Other: RedRock DSLR Rigs, Matte Box and Follow Focus