The Iron Triangle (Vietnam War Movie) [1989]

I usually never post any American movie, however i decided to make an exception with this one. Mostly seen from the VC perspective, it tell the story of the Vietnamese guerrila in a war against US invaders. Inspired by real events, this 1989 film is pretty much unknown, and at best is available on DVD (so, no 1080p version in sight…as far as i know). This movie has already been uploaded elsewhere on youtube, but they seem to be based of a VHS tape, on top of being in a 4:3 aspect ratio. This ain’t much, but this upload is a 16:9 version in a clearer 480p.

I have few grippe with the quality of some of the dialogue and whatnot. Also, none of the human right violation, or crime agaisnt humanity portrayed here are carried out by American, but rather by other forces (like a French mercenaries, or the South Vietnamese). But overall, it’s a decent film that is worth watching, just for the sheer novelty of seeing things from the other side in a respectable way, instead of being a caricatural/stereotypical representation.

PS: This is a re-upload. I wasn’t satisfied with the way Youtube butchered the video quality, so i was toying with some software tools to make a HD upscale video of this DVD. Hopefully this time the image quality will hold…decently (at the very least).


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