The Kane Gang – Respect Yourself No.21 2ndwk November 1984 UK

The Kane Gang – Respect Yourself (Original Vinyl)(RadioEdit) Got to No.21 in the second week of November 1984 in the United Kingdom. Uploaded by former Radio DJ John Magnetron. Normal Speed – HQ AUDIO No of course I didn’t go putting a Mic up to my loud speakers. I wish other people wouldn’t either! I did it properly. I might need to borrow some other peoples Records from Youtube for my FB, but you have to have your sound connected properly to your upload device. Here in every case it’s a recording stick. And Going by The Guinness Book of Hit Single Records, and the British Book of Hit Singles, which were compiled from information that was gathered by organizations such as the British Market Research Bureau, the New Music Weekly and Gallup. As well as falling back on the overlay of chart music seen on other Internet sites which reflects chart positions of music in the same periods. These Chart positions should, therefore, be the same as the BBC Chart positions as they were played at the time. But it should be noted that the said ‘book entries’ are found in these uploads and that chart positions from ’The Official Chart Company Internet site’ are not the same reflection although similar. The importance of the Public Playing the original Vinyl on certain Internet sites, are recognized and appreciated in certain professional fields such as Radio, as it helps program organizers check that the tracks that, Are. Now, used from Compact Disc, Mp3 Wav and Wma tracks of the same music, and, are, in fact, the definite article and not re-recordings of, the same music played at a different speed. (RadioSpeed) in the UK was not a definite or purposeful difference, but was about 44,43 or 42 R.P.M caused by both, in different Radio Studios, cases of ’loss’ such as, Electrical, and Mechanical, heat resistance and, more so, drag from the Tone Arm. In Cases where a Record Deck had a variable speed, it is possible that the DJ’s made them turn that slightly bit slower so as, infact, more often, to, over run ‘The News Time’ etc, as you could always fade the record out, but a DJ’s Nightmare is always being left with nothing to say, the minute before the hour for the news time. So a song played now at (RadioSpeed) such as it was unpredictably during, for example, the 1970’s, the equable slower speed from the past, will bring back more memories than any old nostalgic tune that has somehow, now, speeded up. Of Course, The re-productive qualities of 45’s through these sites are not good enough for professional use!
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Continuously following through the charts week by week, including ‘nearly’ everything that there ever was in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and some of the Colonies as well as some of the overseas Radio Stations outside of the former British Empire that followed the UK Hit Parade. The majority of these ‘Hits’ are showing at different positions in the U.S Billboard for the similar times that they were in the charts in the USA. Canada may not have much of the same. Wales may have started a chart with a mixture of the same as well as Welsh Language Hits in Wales at some time in the 80’s but still follows the UK Top 40 as well. Unfortunately there are no Welsh Language UK Top 40 Hits.
Hits from the American Continent that were not released in the UK are not seen. , It is now1984!
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