The Last Gangster 1937

The Last Gangster Trailer

The Last Gangster (aka Another Public Enemy) is a 1937 crime drama film, directed by Edward Ludwig and starring Edward G. Robinson and James Stewart


Set in the prohibition era, gangster Joe Krozac (Edward G. Robinson) is in prison for 10 years. Reporter Paul North (James Stewart) is hired by a newspaper to write unsympathetic articles about Krozac’s wife Talya (Rosa Stradner) and son. Defying his editor, he strikes up a relationship with her and he is fired. After visiting Krozac in prison, Talya divorces him. and marries North. They move away to start a new life. 10 years later when Krozac is released from prison, he goes looking for his former wife and son. He soon falls in with his old gang who turn on him and try to force him to reveal the whereabouts of a stash of loot that he hid before he was incarcerated. Krozac resists and the gang kidnap his son. Krozac and his son eventually escape. He tries to strike up a relationship with his son, but the boy wants nothing to do with him. Krozac swears vengeance upon