The Last Passport: Award-Winning Feature Film

The Last Passport (2009) is an uplifting, inspiring drama about a mysterious old man who enters a magical passport office (Purgatory). George meets characters from all walks of life, dispensing his homespun wisdom as they slip in and out of the lines. Most of the film takes place in a small passport office where interested characters sit around the room waiting for their time to check out and receive their passport.

The film was shot in just three days and the entire story was written, shot, edited, and scored in just 30 days and made for just $5000. It premiered at the Solstice Film Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota where it won Best Actor (Jimmy Hager) and Best Director (Kent Smith and David Temple) in 2009. The story was written by Kent Smith, David Temple, and Alex Bailey. It stars Jimmy Hager (When We Last Spoke), Dave Blamy (Rings, The Taking of Deborah Logan), Bonnie Johnson (Dopesick, Manhunt) and Rachel St. Gelais (The Twilight Saga, The Blind Side).

The interesting part was the whole process was recorded and streamed to the internet and over 10,000 people watched live from their homes. The crew was made of mainly locals from the Charlotte, N.C. area. The film has been shown to film students on how to make a low budget film at different universities around the country.

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