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Here for you eurocrime fans we have The Mafia Connection, aka Black Lemons, an Italian film released in 1970 that served as a prototype for many of the eurocrimers that came after it. Antonio Sabato (the father, not the son) stars as a man recently released from prison for being set up by the mafia family his late brother belonged to. Having lost his brother, his business, and his income while being in the clink, Sabato goes about rebuilding his life…and also finding a way to take down the mafia dickweeds that stole everything from him! This film co-stars the great Silvano Tranquili as a police inspector trying to help Sabato while keeping him on a tight leash, and also Florinda Bolkan, the German beauty who serves as the token love interest & Sabato’s ally against the mafia. This print isn’t the best-looking, but it was the only one I could find with an English dub, so consider yourself warned. Otherwise, enjoy the flick, and let me know what you think with a thumbs-up or a comment!