“The Man Who Wasn’t There” (2001) Directed by The Coen Brothers

Set in 1949 and completely in Black and White, this is film noir in every sense, from the constant use of light and dark shadows throughout the story of “Ed Crane”, and a disaffected and alienated character at odds with the world that surrounds him.

“Ed Crane” (Billy Bob Thornton) A career high performance from Billy Bob Thornton as the disaffected and apathetic barber Ed Crane. A slow, methodical and still performance perfectly encapsulating Ed’s distance from a world he doesn’t understand and from a world he doesn’t want to be a part of. Against a busy backdrop of people and chattering conversations his vacant stare is continually evident at a world in general he simply seems to have given up on despite a successful career and seeming home life. This is Billy Bob Thornton’s film from start to finish as we follow his every move and he’s in nearly every scene of the film. He is captivating as Crane, cigarette perennially dangling from his mouth, blank, cold expression, so alienated from the world.

Thornton’s performance is mesmerising.

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