The Man Who Wouldn’t Die 1942 Full Movie

20th Century Fox
Release Date : May 1, 1942
Running Time : 65 minutes
Black & White
Director : Herbert I. Leeds
Cast : Lloyd Nolan, Marjorie Weaver, Helene Reynolds, Henry Wilcoxon, Richard Derr, Billy Bevan, LeRoy Mason, Ollin Howland, Jeff Corey, Francis Ford

Fifth of the Fox series of “Michael Shayne” detective films, a strange woman meets Shayne ( Nolan ) and asks him to pose as her “husband”. This leads to murder attempts, corpses disappearing,and a fake spriitualist, Zorah Bey! Another fun outing with Mike and Merle. Fox made two more films, and PRC made five more in 1946-47 with Hugh Beaumont! as Shayne.


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