The Marijuana Menace 1938 | Crime, Drama, Propaganda | Colorized Full Movie

Puff – Party – Tragedy!
A high-school girl Joan Barrie, will inherit the fortune of her grandmother if she is able to fulfill a morals clause in the will. Meanwhile she gets involved with a ring of teen dope fiends who try to frame Joan to acquire the fortune themselves. But infiltrating the gang, there is an undercover reporter posing as a soda jerk gathering evidence.

Original title: Assassin of Youth (1938) AKA: The Marijuana Menace

Black & White version:

Director: Elmer Clifton
Writers: Charles A. Browne, Elmer Clifton, Leo J. McCarthy
Stars: Luana Walters, Arthur Gardner, Dorothy Short
Genres: Colorized classics, Crime, Drama, Propaganda

00:00 Full Movie
00:22 A salesgirl helps a customer find clothes for a party, but later realizes she was given a $100 bill by mistake.
06:59 The video is about a conversation between Mrs. Worthington, Mr. Konwent, and Miss Miller regarding their breakfast, travel, and the idea of being millionaires.
13:43 A man named Mr. Wheeler buys a boat, but later realizes he has been swindled.
18:46 The video is a transcript of a conversation between multiple characters discussing a man named Sam and their plans.
29:02 A man confesses to his girlfriend that he pretended to be a millionaire and stole money to buy a yacht.
31:26 A couple discusses their feelings and plans for the future.
37:40 A man hires a detective agency to catch a group of crooks who have been victimizing him.
45:55 A couple discovers a winning streak while gambling at a casino.
1:01:40 John Wheeler wins a large sum of money and plans to use it to take over various establishments, including the Chuckerton.
1:05:39 A conversation between two people about their upcoming weddings and travel plans.
1:12:02 A woman tries to convince a man to give back the money he won in a gambling game before he loses it all.