The Marvel Comics Iceberg Explained

The comprehensive Marvel Comics Iceberg, explained over 7 tiers. Throughout the 80 years of history, there are countless stories, characters, controversies, lawsuits, movies and video games that have been made and forgotten about. From the well known like the MCU, to the obscure dramas that have gone on behind the scenes, there’s something for everyone here!

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This is my Marvel Comics Iceberg with 7 tiers, looking at comics, movies, video games, theories, hidden facts, stories and characters. From Spider-Man, Avengers, Star Wars, to Stan Lee and Brian Michael Bendis, if you want to know more about Marvel and Marvel Comics this video essay is for you.

00:00 – Introduction
01:17 – Tier One
19:56 – Tier Two
39:44 – Tier Three
53:31 – Tier Four
1:24:35 – Tier Five
1:42:10 – Tier Six
2:03:16 – Tier Seven


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