The Narrowing Circle (1956) British crime b-movie, with Paul Carpenter & Hazel Court.

Not only losing out to rival Bill Strayte on promotion to editor for a new magazine, it appears Dave Nelson has also lost his girlfriend to him.
That night, Nelson decides to hit the town to drown his sorrows. Next morning, when he finally makes it home, he is greeted with the sight of
Strayte’s body lying in his flat.
After contacting the police, Nelson tries to locate Christy, a woman he spent the night with, who can supply him with an alibi. Unfortunately for him,
the woman seems to have vanished, and a hotel receptionist doesn’t remember him staying there that night either.
With the help of fellow writer Rosemary Speed, they try to retrace his steps, and at the same time discover who could possibly want Strayte dead,
and for what reason.
Not a bad little British crime b-movie. Unfortunately, the audio is a little iffy, and there are a few image skips which are beyond my control. This is the best copy I could find.


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