The Nazi Psycho Doctor – Josef Mengele And More Nazi Testing and Creation Stories (Compilation)

00:00 The Nazi Psycho Doctor – Josef Mengele
08:15 The Sea Water Torture – Nazi Camp Experiments
24:39 How Nazi Gas Chambers Actually Worked
36:06 Sewing Twins – Nazi Camp Experiments
50:12 The WWII Nazi Breeding Plan
01:16:00 How Nazi Angel of Death Finally Got Caught
01:27:28 Why Did The Nazis Have A Secret Base in the Arctic?
01:36:14 How Close Did Nazis Come to Creating the Atomic Bomb?
01:48:16 Body Transplantation – Nazi Camp Experiments
02:04:33 Why Hitler Built a Mysterious Mega Fortress – The Secret Nazi Base Revealed
02:14:44 The Nazi Mouse – The Biggest Tank Ever Made
02:23:36 The Sun Gun – WWII Nazi Secret Weapon
02:32:03 The Nazi House of Shutters
02:43:27 Bacteria Inside Wounds – Nazi Camp Experiments
03:04:46 How the Nazis Designed a B-2 Stealth Bomber Way Before the United States
03:15:32 Surprising Modern Day Weapons Developed by the Nazis
03:24:29 Crazy Nazi Commander’s Quest for Immortality
03:34:16 Sterilization – Nazi Camp Experiments
03:46:10 Freezing – Nazi Camp Experiments
03:59:40 Mustard Gas – Nazi Camp Experiments
04:13:02 How Nazis Tested Vaccines on Prisoners


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