The Night Strangler – 1973 – Full Movie – Darren McGavin/Simon Oakland – Crime/Horror – HD

Following on from “The Night Stalker”, this is the sequel from 1973 called “The Night Strangler”.
And a great sequel it is too – with Darren McGiven again as the reporter – kicked out of Las Vegas after the vampire debacle, he is now in Seattle, just as a number of murders of young women starts in the city.
They have all had crushing injuries by someone seemingly of superhuman strength – and even worse, blood has been syringed from the skull’s base.
Going through old news archives, he realizes this seems to have been a recurring pattern every 21 years since 1889 – and when he tells his editor about this, the editor, again played by Simon Oakland, has a familiar feeling of disbelief about Kolchak’s findings.
Kolchak of course persists and goes after the Night Strangler, who we see is a clearly mad genius – and we get some horrific scenes.
Richard Anderson is magnificently chilling as the insane doctor.

All in all a wonderful horror sequel, that although very similar to the first film, is still different enough to raise some chills.

These two feature length films were soon followed by a 20 part TV series – and I will try to upload them in order soon, if no copyright issues.

Resolution increased to HD.

Playlist for full movies is here:


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