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Owned by American media conglomerate The Sonic & Donkey Kong Company under its Sonic Media commercial entertainment segment through The Puyo Puyo Tetris Company unit of its Sega Sammy Group subsidiary, the iconic Puyo Puyo franchise for kids and families (including the Puyo Puyo!! Quest sub-franchise) featured a variety of original made-in-Japan video games, exciting TV shows for kids and families, exciting animated movies (both theatrical and direct-to-video), and spin-offs such as the “Puyo Puyo Outside” series, “Schezo”, “Feli & Raffina”, “Lemres & Mrs. Accord”, “Planet Puyos”, and more, as well as the animation studio Puyo Puyo!! Quest Studios.

The Puyo Puyo franchise first originated 38 years ago in 1984 with the theatrical animated feature-length film named Madō Monogatari and the first titular Puyo Puyo video game from 1991. The Puyo Puyo franchise has become one of the most popular high-end intellectual properties in history.