The Potential / Potency | Chinese Marriage Crime film, Full Movie HD

Synopsis: The crime movie “The Potential” (also named as “Potency”) tells a marriage life story of Song Yaru, a rich woman who already had everything, was troubled by her husband Qin Yuyu’s impotence and wanted to divorce him, but her father Song Huaien intended to pass the company to his son-in-law Qin Haoyu. Qin Haoyu suffered impotence because of an accident in childhood, and owed enormous debt because of his failure in crazy foreign exchange speculation. He needed money urgently, and inheriting the company was the only way out. An Yi and Qin Haoyu were good friends since childhood. He believed, he should be blamed for Yu’s accident and tragic life. So he decided to sneak into Yaru’s house to help Qin Haoyu every night. An and Yaru had a good time, but unexpected things happened one after another. Everything was getting out of control and irreversible…

Studio: Ru Shi Guan Film.
Producer: Na Xin.
Director: Zhang Pingyu
Screenwriter: Zhang Pingyu, Na Xin.
Starring: Zheng Peilin, Quji Rangbu, Wang Shuo, MC Tianyou.
Genres: #crimemovies #marriage #marriagelife

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