The Prince of Thieves (1948) | Full Movie

This 1948 adventure is an adaptation of an adaptation of an adaptation! “The Prince of Thieves” was adapted from Alexandre Dumas’ 1872 novel “Le Prince des Voleurs”, which itself was a French translation of Pierce Egan’s 1838 serialised adventure “Robin Hood and Little John; or, the Merrie Men of Sherwood Forest”. One of the more formulaic and low-energy mid-century adaptations, “The Prince of Thieves” sees Robin Hood and his men help the knight Sir Allan Claire rescue his betrothed, the Lady Christabel, from the clutches of her wicked father and Prince John’s nephew, the evil Baron Tristram. While not the most exciting of adventures, it’s presented here for those who haven’t seen the ORIGINAL “Prince of Thieves!” Starring Jon Hall as Robin Hood, Michael Duane as Sir Allan Claire, Adele Jergens as Lady Christabel, Patricia Morison as Lady Marian, and Walter Sande as Little John.

Uploaded in the spirit of sharing this hard to find movie. All copyright to the current licence holders.