The Serpent Queen – Erwin Stoff & Justin Haythe Interview

Writer & creator Justin Haythe and producer Erwin Stoff spoke with MovieWeb’s Greg Archer about the new second season of their fiery historical drama, The Serpent Queen. Season 2 debuts July 12 on Starz with new episodes weekly.

Catherine de Medici is Queen Regent of France now that her son, Charles IX has come of age. Distracted by the personal conflicts of the Valois children, a new mysterious prophet named Edith gains a loyal following who vow to challenge the current religious establishment, sparking tension across the country. Feeling threatened by the rising strain, the divided court turn to their own schemes for selfish benefit. The Guises commit unholy acts while the Bourbons turn to a familiar foreign sovereign, Queen Elizabeth I of England in hopes of personal gain.

As France falls into political and religious turmoil, Catherine struggles to maintain her power, but The Serpent Queen will do whatever she needs to regain control.