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This is the second series of the series, which was broadcast in 1982 on Fuji TV’s “Jidaigeki Special” frame, and is an original work that changed the role of Tomisaburo Wakayama, the protagonist. A series of suspenseful action that leaves you breathless, with a ninjutsu battle between a former official ninja and a public garden keeper, and a big catch on the castle tower using a large kite. Yuko Kikuchi, who played Asa, had appeared as a child actor in the movie “Truck Bastard” series, and was also chosen to play Omitsu, a friend of Kirimaru of Iga played by Hiroyuki Sanada in the movie “Makai Tensei” released the year before this work, and gained idol popularity.
A mysterious thief called “Yami no Kiba” (Fang of Darkness), who sneaks into the residences of the shogunate one after another and steals the shogun’s treasures, has been shaking the public authorities. The identity of the thief is Ichibei (Tomisaburo Wakayama), a medicine seller whose father was once killed by the shogunate, and his daughter Oasa (Yuko Kikuchi). Ichibei had been seeking revenge against the official to avenge the death of his father, Sasajima Hyobu (Sayama Shunji), who was a member of the Kurokuchi clan, the official ninja. He was also plotting to seize the gold orca of the Nagoya Castle keep, aiming at the Owari clan that had slain his father.

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