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This is the fourth installment of the series, which was broadcast on Fuji TV’s Jidaigeki Special slot in 1983, and unlike the previous three ninja action films in which he plans revenge on the Tokugawa family, a former official secret head is commissioned by Tokugawa to ride into enemy territory and go on a rampage. The massive shootout that unfolds at the climax is as powerful as a war movie, and is guaranteed to make you sigh.
Account magistrate Wakisaka Bizen Mamoru (Naito Taketoshi) asks Yoshibei (Tomisaburo Wakayama), the chief priest of Iriya and Myohoji Temple, to explore the Sado Gold Mine. They suspect that large amounts of money are being diverted to somewhere else. Yoshibei, a former official secret-head, accepts this and joins three skilled “”Karadogumi””, Nanikiri Okichi (Nana Okada), Hayashi no Kichizo, and Kumonryu no Yoshitsugu (Kano Ryu). In Sado, where the four infiltrate, the magistrate Okubo Hitachi Mamoru (Asao Koike), who plans to overthrow the shogunate, is trying to buy a large number of firearms from Russia…

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