The Third Man (1949) Movie Review #shorts

What film best represents the cinematic style of film noir? To me, the answer is The Third Man from 1949! This British film was directed by Carol Reed (fyi, Carol Reed was a man). The movie utilizes shadow, dutch angles, and high-contrast shots better than any film of that era. The screenplay was written by noted author, Graham Greene, and he wrote the novelization as he prepared for the film. The movie is set in post-WW2 Vienna, and it was divided up into sectors (Russian, British, American, etc.) like Berlin. Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles are unforgettable in this bizarre caper, and the amazing settings, confounding plot, and playful soundtrack will make this a movie you’ll never forget. So, next movie night, check out the archetype of film noir style, and watch The Third Man from 1949! #orsonwelles #josephcotton #filmnoir #filmcritic #filmcriticism #moviereview


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