The Thirteen (1937) movie

A band of soldiers, escorting some civilians across an Asian wasteland, are set upon and surrounded at a waterhole by a notorious horde of bandits. The soldiers determine to hold off the bandits until hoped-for reinforcements arrive.

The Thirteen (1937) movie

Genres: Adventure, War
Production Co: Mosfilm

Directed by Mikhail Romm
Writing Credits: Iosif Prut, Mikhail Romm
Music by Anatoli Aleksandrov
Cinematography by Boris Volchek

Ivan Novoseltsev as Commander Ivan Zhuravlyov
Yelena Kuzmina as Marya Nikolaevna Zhuravlyova
Aleksandr Chistyakov as Aleksandr Petrovich Postnikov, geologist
Andrey Fayt as Colonel Skuratov
Ivan Kuznetsov as Soldier Yusuf Akchurin
Alexei Dolinin as Soldier Aleksey Timoshkin
Pyotr Masokha as Soldier Petr Sviridenko
Pavel Yudin as Soldier Petrov
Dmitriy Zolts as Soldier Dmitriy Levkoev
Viktor Kulakov as Soldier Balandin
Stepan Krylov as Soldier Zhurba
Aleksandr Kepinov as Soldier Muradov
Aga-Rza Kuliyev as Soldier Kuliev
Nikolay Kryuchkov as Soldier Nikolai Gusiev


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