The Three Stooges as a Horror Movie

Moe Howard achieves fame and fortune after exploiting his younger brother’s gifts with the help of his friend Larry. Things go array when Moe and Curly both fall for the same woman, but she falls for his brother. Jealous, Moe turns his brother’s gift into a curse.

Now Moe struggles to keep Larry under his thumb while they wait for Curly to take the fall. Things however, get even more complicated when Moe and Curly’s brother Shemp follows his suspicions.

Clips taken from Punch Drunks (1934), Disorder in the Court (1936), A Plumbing We Will Go (1940), Fright Night (1947), Brideless Groom (1947), Crime on their Hands (1948), and He Cooked His Goose (1952). With the opening title card pulled from You Nazty Spy! (1940)

Music by Julián Viveros Vélez on YouTube.

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