The TRAGIC Executions Of Skede Beach

During the Second World War, the Germans made advancements into different lands and countries. Initially as the conflict broke out, the Wehrmacht and German Army rampaged into different lands and caused chaos forcing countries to surrender. However after a country fell under Nazi occupation, the Germans would enforce horrific rules and laws upon people such as the Jews, who had their freedoms restricted. But following the Wehrmacht was the Einsatzgruppen, the Nazi death squads which were sent to massacre and execute civilians on a huge scale. In Latvia, the country quickly was taken by the Germans, and a port town of Liepaja was seen as an important place to control by the Germans. Liepaja had a number of trade routes, but when the bloody fighting in the town was over, the Germans moved in and caused terror to the people living there.

They began to round up Jews and imprison them inside of the prisons found inside of Liepaja, but also the Einsatzgruppen and Latvian collaborators conducted many war crimes with hundreds being executed. Each week there were a number of public executions, and this instilled fear and terror into the people of the Town. But in December 1941, the biggest execution took place which saw thousands being rounded up and then transported to Skede Beach. This beach had been a popular site for the locals to visit before the war broke out, and they would enjoy a lovely day at the sea. However the Germans dug a huge trench, and ordered thousands to walk into the pit where they were then executed. The last thing they saw was the Baltic Sea, before they were killed. Following the end of World War 2, there was very little justice handed out for the Liepaja massacres and the executions of Skede Beach.

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