The Ultimate Spy Documentary: Spies of War, Rewriting History | Extra Long Documentary

Today’s Extra Long Documentary takes you on a gripping journey through key moments in espionage history. Witness the intricacies of D-Day on June 6th, 1944, as MI-5’s double agents contribute to a grand deception, diverting German attention from Normandy. Explore the darkly humorous ploy on July 10th, 1943, where a staged discovery misleads the Germans about Allied plans in the Balkans during the Sicily landing. It is now October 1962: delve into the Cuban missile crisis, where Oleg Penkovsky, a Soviet officer turned CIA mole, plays a crucial role in preventing World War III. Lastly, on August 29th, 1949, discover how the Soviets, through an extensive network of moles, obtained atomic bomb secrets, leading to a Cold War showdown. Each part unfolds the extraordinary lives of spies who shaped pivotal moments in history.

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00:00 The D-Day Spies
50:06 The Soldier who Never Was
01:38:13 The Spy who Saved the World
02:27:58 The A-Bomb Spies

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