The Warriors (1979)

This week on the Everything Actioncast, Zach and Chris bop their way back to 1979 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Walter Hill’s cult classic, The Warriors, which debuted on February 9th, 1979.

The titular Warriors are a gang from Coney Island who attend a massive meeting of almost every other gang in New York City to hear a plan from the leader of the city’s most powerful gang, Cyrus (Roger Hill).  Cyrus proposes that the gangs stop fighting each other and join forces, as their combined numbers surpass the police and they could own the city.  Everyone is on board except the weaselly and insane leader of the Rogues, Luther (David Patrick Kelly), who kills Cyrus with a gun and then blames The Warriors for the act.  The Warriors then have to fight their way from the Bronx back to the safety of Coney Island with every gang and the cops on their heels.

Zach and Chris discuss the literary and historical source material of the movie, the actual logistics of navigating around the city by subway, some of the most memorable gangs, how the movie’s impact is still felt to this day, and more.

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