THEN and NOW Who Starred in BATMAN RETURNS 1992 Learn about The Movie and The Cast

In this video I’m going to show you the Tim Burton directed superhero movie from 1992 – Batman Returns in which the superhero vigilante Batman comes into conflict with wealthy industrialist, Max Shreck, and deformed crime boss, Penguin.

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The monstrous Penguin, who lives in the sewers beneath Gotham, joins up with wicked shock-headed businessman Max Shreck to topple the Batman once and for all.
But when Shreck’s timid assistant, Selina Kyle, finds out, and Shreck tries to kill her, she is transformed into the sexy Catwoman.
She teams up with the Penguin and Shreck to destroy Batman, but sparks fly unexpectedly when she confronts the caped crusader.

Michael Keaton (September 5, 1951) – Batman/Bruce Wayne
Michelle Pfeiffer (April 29, 1958) – Catwoman/Selina Kyle
Danny DeVito (November 17, 1944) – Penguin
Christopher Walken (March 31, 1943) – Max Shrek
Michael Gough (November 23, 1916) (2011 – Pneumonia) – Alfred Pennyworth
Cristi Conaway (August 14, 1964) – Ice Princess
Michael Murphy (May 5, 1938) – The Mayor
Pat Hingle (July 19, 1924) (2009 – blood cancer) – James Gordon
Andrew Bryniarski (February 13, 1969) – Charles ‘Chip’ Shreck
Paul Reubens (August 27, 1952) (2023 – Cancer) – Penguin’s Father


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