There WAS Sex In The Soviet Union (But Don’t Tell Anyone!)

Forget what you’ve heard, comrades! There WAS sex in the USSR, and sometimes quite a lot of it. From the revolutionary “free love” of the 1920s to the conservative crackdown under Stalin, and the late-era whispers of Glasnost, this video peels back the Iron Curtain on a world where romance, desire, and repression intertwined in unexpected ways. How did the Bolsheviks turn Tsarist Russia’s sexual norms upside down, legalizing abortion, divorce, and same-sex relationships (briefly)? Why was Stalin so conservative in his believes? How was the theme of carnal relations portrayed in Soviet cinema? Did Gorbachev’s reforms spark a sexual revolution, or were old habits hard to break? Let me tell you.

00:00 – There is no sex in the USSR
02:33 – “Free love” period of Soviet history
08:07 – How Stalin took away all the fun
12:52 – Sex in Soviet movies
14:46 – How sex hindered the building of communism

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Hey there. Somehow you found my video and decided to watch it. So let me introduce myself. I’m Sergei and I’m from Russia. My channel is about my native country. I want to tell English-speaking viewers about the real Russia, about its past and present. Unfortunately, you can find a lot of propaganda about Russia on the Internet, both from the Russian media and from the Western ones. I want to tell you about Russia, as it really is, the country in which I was born, grew up, and lived all my life.

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