Thieves and Robbers 1983 | Full Movie | Bud Spencer, Tomas Milian | Crime, Comedy

May the “Police Farce” be with you…!
A playboy who makes a living out of seducing women and stealing their jewellery accidentally witnesses a Mafia murder. He must work together with the man who is constantly trying to catch him, Lt. Alan Parker, in order to save his life.

Original title: Cane e gatto (1983) AKA: Thieves and Robbers / Cat and Dog

Director: Bruno Corbucci
Writers: Mario Amendola, Bruno Corbucci
Stars: Bud Spencer, Tomas Milian, Marc Lawrence
Genres: Comedy, Crime

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00:00 Full Movie
11:46 A police officer receives a mission to retrieve a prisoner from a garage and make a phone call to his lawyer.
21:31 A man named Tony Roma escapes from the police and seeks the help of a lawyer named J.R. Howard.
37:20 A man visits a woman and tries to sell her a dishwasher, but she is not interested and wants him to leave.
53:41 Tony Roma escapes from his jealous husband and encounters a mafia execution.
55:46 Lisa Minnelli is handcuffed to a door and sings to prove her identity while being pursued by the police.
1:04:59 A group of people are on a train and discussing their mission.
1:22:44 The situation is dire as they need to hide the witness until the trial is over, and they have men everywhere.
1:24:59 A man threatens another man’s life and demands a million-dollar transfer to a bank account in exchange for his safety.



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