Things Bob Marley: One Love Left Out Of The True Story

Glossing over infidelity, surviving the CIA and watching the deaths of his would-be assassins. Even though it tried to cover everything in the legendary musician’s life, here are things “Bob Marley: One Love” left out of the true story.

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Skipping over his early career | 0:00
What inspired “Three Little Birds”? |1:37
Where’s the CIA? | 2:23
Wrongful arrest | 3:49
Marley’s other lovers | 4:54
The origins of “Exodus” lyrics | 6:09
Rita Marley’s solo career | 6:56
Marley’s nail bed | 7:58
Vivid in my memory | 9:07
Rasta will take you | 10:02
Marley’s other albums | 10:49

Voiceover By: Jacent Jackson

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