Third World Cop [1999 Jamaican Movie] Full Length

Island Jamaica Films in association with Hawk’s Nest Productions present | a Carolyn Pfeiffer Bradshaw Production “Third World Cop” a Jamaican Action-Crime Film

Directed by: Christopher Browne

Casting by: Sheila Lowe Graham, Suzanne Fenn & Sharon Burke

Costume Designer: Michelle Haynes

Music Supervised by: Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare & Maxine Stowe

Composers: Wally Badarou, Sly & Robbie

Photography Director: Richard Lannaman

Line Producer: Natalie Thompson

Edited by: Suzanne Fenn

Written by: Suzanne Fenn, Christopher Browne & Chris Salewicz

Executive Producers: Chris Blackwell & Dan Genetti

Paul Campbell《as. Capone》
Mark Danvers《as. Ratty》
Carl Bradshaw《as. Oney》
Audrey Reid《as. Rita》
Winston Bell《as. Floyd》
Angie Fielder《as. Tina》
Lenford Salmon《as. Not Nice》
Desmond Ballentine《Deportee》Ninja Man
Oneal Bryan《as. Tek-9》Elephant Man
Andrew Reid《as. Crime》Nittie Kutchie
Devon Douglas《as. Razor》Angel Doolas
Winsome Wilson《as. Carla》Ronald Small《as. Bodyguard》Too Small
John Jones《as. Supt Lewis》
Kathy Owen《as. TV announcer》
Lillian Foster《as. Mama》
Clive Anderson《as. Jacko》
Lloyd Reckford《as. Reverend》
Robbie Shakespeare《as. Don Next Door》
Onandi Lowe《as. Pool Player》
Buccaneer 《as. MC》
Donavan Stewart《as. Crew In Car #1》Boom Dandymite
Patrick Jackson《as. Crew In Car #2》Harry Toddler
Christopher Smith《as. Crew In Car #3》Hawkeye

Loose cannon cop Capone returns to his home town of Kingston to join a group of officers fighting organised crime in the area. On his first day he uncovers gun smuggling operation that may be connected with lead criminal Oney. However his old crew, led by Ratty, are also involved leading Capone to a choice between his job and his old crew.

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