“TIMBUKTU” Victor Mature, Yvonne De Carlo, John Dehner, Marcia Henderson. 11-21-1958. (In 480p).

“The Month of Great Directors”
From the year 2010 brings you the 1958 film (In 480p)

“TIMBUKTU” Storyline – In 1940, in the colony of French Sudan, a Tuareg uprising is being instigated by an evil Emir but the French Army, aided by an American gun-runner, intends to pacify the region.
Complete Cast & Crewe Starring, Victor Mature – as Mike Conway, Yvonne De Carlo – as Natalie Dufort, George Dolenz – as Col. Charles Dufort, John Dehner – as Emir Bhaki – aka The Lion of the Desert, Marcia Henderson – as Jeanne Marat, Robert Clarke – as Captain Girard, James Foxx – as Lt. Victor Marat, Paul Wexler – as The Suleyman, Larry Chance – as Ahmed (uncredited),
Mark Dana – as Capt. Rimbaud (uncredited), Steve Darrell – as Nazir (uncredited), John George – as Praying Sudanese Peasant (uncredited), Leonard Mudie – as Mohomet Adani (uncredited), Larry Perron – as Dagana (uncredited), Allen Pinson – as Sgt. Trooper (uncredited), and Willard Sage – as Maj. Leroux (uncredited), Directed by Jacques Tourneur. Released November 21, 1958.
Plus a short scene from Robert Mitchum 1973 film “The Friends Of Eddie Coyle” from the (TCM) Criterion Collection, available on DVD.