Too Late for Tears 1949 Noir/Crime full movie

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In Los Angeles.
Driving down a dark desert highway with cool wind in her hair, Jane Palmer (Lizabeth Scott) a woman with a dark past, starts an argument with her husband Alan (Arthur Kennedy) about not wanting to go to a glitzy ritzy party filled with high class socialites and wants Alan to turn the car around. Shortly after the squabble, somebody driving in the opposite direction tosses a bag full of money worth a $1,000,000 dollars into the back seat of their car. Wifey is excited and wants to keep the money and has no intention of letting it go. Alan thinks the cash is dirty and has thoughts about turning it into the police but doesn’t. Afterwards the two check into a hotel and a strange man Danny Fuller (Dan Duryea) comes looking for the dough and threatens Jane if he doesn’t get his money back. Mrs Palmer agrees to give him half the loot back when she gets it from her husband one way or another. Her innermost intentions are knocking off anybody who comes between her and her newfound money.

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