Treat Williams & Robert Duvall in The Pursuit of D. B. Cooper (1981) Roger Spottiswoode

The Pursuit of D. B. Cooper is a 1981 American crime thriller film about infamous aircraft hijacker D. B. Cooper, who escaped with $200,000 after leaping from the back of a Boeing 727 airliner on November 24, 1971. The bulk of the film fictionalizes Cooper’s escape after he landed on the ground.

Directed by Roger Spottiswoode
Screenplay by Jeffrey Alan Fiskin
Based on Free Fall: A Novel
by J.D. Reed
Produced by

Daniel Wigutow
Michael Taylor


Robert Duvall
Treat Williams
Kathryn Harrold
Paul Gleason
R.G. Armstrong


Harry Stradling Jr.
Charles F. Wheeler

Edited by

Allan Jacobs
Robbe Roberts

Music by James Horner

PolyGram Pictures
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date

November 13, 1981

Running time
100 minutes
Country United States

Robert Duvall as Sgt. Bill Gruen
Treat Williams as D.B. Cooper/Jim Meade
Kathryn Harrold as Hannah Meade
Ed Flanders as Brigadier Meade
Paul Gleason as Remson
R.G. Armstrong as Dempsey
Dorothy Fielding as Denise
Nicolas Coster as Avery
Cooper Huckabee as Homer
Howard K. Smith as Howard K. Smith
Christopher Curry as Hippie

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