Unparalleled horrific crimes committed by 2 of the most horrific serial killers

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**Fred West:**
“Fred West, born Frederick Walter Stephen West in September 1941, was an English serial killer and sex offender. He, along with his wife Rosemary West, committed at least 12 known murders between 1967 and 1987, though some suspect the actual count could be much higher. Their victims included young women, some of whom were their own children. The couple lured their victims into their ‘House of Horrors,’ where they subjected them to unimaginable torture, sexual abuse, and ultimately, murder. Fred West committed suicide in his prison cell in January 1995 before he could face trial.”

**Edward Edwards:**
“Edward Wayne Edwards, born Charles Murray in June 1933, was an American serial killer and con artist. Edwards led a life of deception and crime, committing a series of murders over several decades. His known victims included multiple individuals, and he often manipulated circumstances to frame innocent people for his crimes. Edwards’ criminal activities were marked by a high level of cunning and a propensity for creating chaos and confusion. He was eventually apprehended and convicted of some of his crimes, passing away in prison in April 2011.”

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