VELVET SMOOTH 1976 #Black #Movies #Classic #Blakploitation #KungFu

Somebody’s running a takeover on crime lord King Lathrop’s (Owen Watson) operation using bogarts in Hannibal Lector lookin’-like masks. Clueless, King Lathrop calls private detective Velvet Smooth (Johnnie Hill) for help. With the help of her friends Ria (Elsie Roman), a lawyer, and Frankie (René Van Clief), she infiltrates the criminal underworld to investigate. Velvet finds this may be an inside job led by King Lathrop’s man Calvin (James Durrah). When Velvet reports this to Lathrop, he denies it at first but the problems come closer to Calvin. Hurt by it all, Lathrop fires Calvin. Although Lathrop thinks Calvin masterminded the take-over on his own, Velvet remains unconvinced and seeks further to find out who was the man behind the man

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