Vincent Price in “War Gods of the Deep” (1965) Movie Review

Barkey takes a deep dive into the world of “War Gods of the Deep” (1965), a Disneyesque attempt to copy the success of Disney’s “20,000 Leagues under the Sea” (1954). Instead of a riff on Jules Verne, this one originated with a poem by Edgar Allan Poe. Vincent Price, Tab Hunter, David Tomlinson, and Susan Hart star. Jacques Tourneur’s directs what would be his last film.

00:00 “War Gods of the Deep” (1965)
00:31 What is “War Gods of the Deep” (1965) about?
02:38 The cast of “War Gods of the Deep” (1965)
04:43 Disney comic relief forced on the production
05:43 A lot of questions
06:56 Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Price
07:29 Cheap Gillmen and other special effects
07:57 Barkey’s score and final thoughts

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