Vinyl Tag 2024! #vinylcommunity

A big thanks to @robwalkerletthemusicplayfor prompting this year’s Vinyl Tag. I always have so much fun making this video and watching all of the other submissions!

Be sure to check out some of the other channels I mention in this one:

Below are the 20 questions of this year’s tag.

1. Favourite record you purchased in 2023
2. The last record you bought in 2023
3. A band or singer who released 2 or more albums in the same year
4. If you could only listen to music from one decade which decade would you choose?
5. Show a record by a band or singer from Manchester
6. Which band or singer did you listen to the most in 2023?
7. Show seven 7 inch records
8. Who’s coming to your party ? Choose 4 music related people to come to an imaginary dinner party , past or present who would you invite ?
9. We lost them in 2023.
10. If you could only listen to music from 1 country which would it be?
11. Name some new vinyl community channels you discovered in 2023
12. Show a record you bought when you were a teenager.
13. Show a funk or soul record.
14. One record everybody has and one record nobody has.
15. She’s great .. A record by a female artist you bought in 2023
16. The favourite video you posted on your channel in 2023 and the favourite video you watched on the VC in 2023.
17. Show me a record you’d describe as a 90s classic
18 . If I could walk into the cover- look through your collection and choose a record cover you’d like to be a part of.
19. It’s like a greatest hits .. show a record you’re so familiar with with that it feels like a greatest hits.
20. Show me a album that was released in 1974 and is turning 50 this year.


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