Volcano Kings – Crime-Jazz and Film Noir: Volume 1 (2018)

Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey into the world of crime, jazz, and film noir with the captivating album “Crime-Jazz and Film Noir (Volume 1)” by Volcano Kings. This instrumental masterpiece takes inspiration from the atmospheric soundtracks of classic noir films, combining elements of dark jazz, surf rock, and progressive rock to create a sonic experience that is both evocative and mesmerizing.

The album kicks off with “Vigilante Motors,” a track that sets the tone with its pulsating rhythms and gritty guitar lines. It transports you to the shadowy alleys and neon-lit streets where danger lurks around every corner. “Bongo Murder” follows suit, adding a touch of intrigue and suspense with its hypnotic melodies and infectious percussion.

As the album progresses, “Theme From Volcano” captivates listeners with its haunting beauty and melancholic undertones. The intricate guitar work and atmospheric keys create a sense of mystery and introspection. “Mechanical Beast” takes a bold turn, introducing heavier elements with its progressive rock influences and intricate instrumental interplay.

“Night Life” immerses you in the smoky ambiance of a dimly lit jazz club, with its sultry saxophone melodies and seductive rhythms. “Pawtucket Landfill” offers a change of pace, evoking a sense of desolation and urban decay through its brooding basslines and atmospheric textures.

The album reaches its pinnacle with “Una Muerte Interesante en La Tierra Del Fuego,” a track that conjures images of a thrilling chase through the streets of a foreign city. The dynamic arrangement and skillful musicianship create a sense of urgency and excitement, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

“Crime-Jazz and Film Noir (Volume 1)” showcases the immense talent of the Volcano Kings, with Kyle Stumpe’s precise drumming, John Quincy Javert Adams’ expressive guitar work, Cory Couture’s pulsating basslines, and the multi-instrumental prowess of John Saint Helens. Their collective musicianship weaves a captivating tapestry of sound that pays homage to the iconic genres of crime jazz and film noir.

So, dim the lights, pour yourself a glass of whiskey, and immerse yourself in the atmospheric sounds of Volcano Kings’ “Crime-Jazz and Film Noir (Volume 1).” Let the music transport you to a world of intrigue, suspense, and stylish noir aesthetics.