Walt Disney’s “Escapade in Florence” Season 9 Eps 2 & 3 (Full Movie)

From Season 9 of Walt Disney’s Disneyland Anthology program we have Episodes 2 and 3: Escapade in Florence which originally aired on September 30th and October 6th, 1962. Tommy Carpenter, a student studying in Florence runs into another American, Annette Aliotto, knocking her down while riding his Vespa. She’s an artist, he’s an aspiring architect, and together they get caught in the middle of an art crime. Filmed on location in Florence, Italy! Based on the book, The Golden Doors by Edward Fenton. Released theatrically overseas in 1963. Starring Tommy Kirk as Tommy Carpenter, Annette Funicello as Annette Aliotto, Nino Castelnouvo as Bruno, Clelia Matania as Aunt Gisella, Venantino Venantini as Lorenzo, Ivan Desny as Count Roberto, Odoardo Spadoro as Padrone, Carlo Rizzo as Uncle Mario, Renzo Palmer as Carabiniere, Richard Watson as Butler, Helen Stirling as Miss Brooks, Elisa Cegani as Felicia, Liana del Balzo as Countess della Scala, George Ehling as Gino, Ivan Triesault as Professor Levenson and Massimo Luigi as Mayor.