Welcome to QUIZ WHIZ : EP 1 | THE SNS

“Hey friends! Welcome, welcome and welcome to our brand-new and fifth segment, QUIZ WHIZ

In this thrilling segment, we’ve got a pair of buzzers and two teams. The teams all set will engage in a three-round showdown, for a chance to be crowned the QUIZ WHIZ

We kick things off in the initial round with a rapid-fire challenge designed to put their general knowledge to the test.

Moving on to round two, it’s time for a series of multiple-choice questions. The victors from the previous round will have the honor of selecting the subject category. We’ve got CRE, Social Studies, Kiswahili, and Science up for grabs.

The ultimate round sees each team nominating a member to face off in a head-to-head battle involving a set of challenging questions. The victor of this round will truly earn the esteemed title of QUIZ WHIZ. The team that amasses the highest points throughout these rounds wins

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