West Slide Story Part 2 – Hood Movie 2023 By Detroit Pauly – Must Watch! #HoodMovies #Detroit

@00:13 Joy Rd. Maine
@01:07 Sasha and Dad Meet
@04:16 Domo Pimps Out Sasha
@08:20 Don Marty’s Intro
@08:43 Attorney Carter Bentley
@10:40 Det. Simmons Goes Off
@12:13 Domo Makes A Play
@13:57 Attn. Carter Bentley & Pros. Lynn Murphy
@16:06 Don Leo Puts Domo On
@19:35 Don Pauly Is A Free Man
@20:45 Insane Debo x Chris
@22:18 Don Pauly – Boss Meeting
@26:22 Don Leo x Domo At Studio
@27:21 Sasha Meets With Don Pauly
@32:58 Don Pauly Meets Alejandro Sanchez
@35:06 Failed Robbery Attempt – Insane Debo x Chris
@36:39 Snookie The Pimp x Don Pauly
@40:55 Domo & Don Pauly Stand On Business
@44:01 Don Marty Niece Gets Wacked
@45:46 Issa Crime Scene
@49:16 Don Pauly – Body House
@51:59 A Message From The East Side
@55:40 Don Marty Check Skeez
@59:44 Sasha Joins N/A Meeting

West Slide Story 2
Created, Produced, Directed, Filmed, Edited by Paul Johnson For Ghordibari Films.
Original music by Paul Johnson (Detroit Pauly)

The story continues as Don Pauly Fontaine is out of jail and back to terrorize the city. Marty, the Eastside boss is determined to uphold his thrown. Sasha gets clean and tries to pick up the pieces. Domo (Peezie P), a ew addition, finds a way to play both sides as Don Leo is oblivious.

Suspense, Crime, Drama, Inspirational

Paul Johnson, KB, Destini Brintley, Patrick “Peezie P’ Nelson, Nate The Great, Obie King

Copyright ©️ 2023, Library of Congress/Motion Pictures. Submitted.

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