Western Movie Don Johnson, John Rubenstein “Zachariah” (1971) The James Gang, Country Joe & the Fish

KOZY-TV Presents a self-titled “Electric Western”, “Zachariah” from 1971.

Zachariah is a 1971 American (Electric) Western directed by George Englund.

Starring The James Gang, and Country Joe and the FIsh!

After finding a mail-order gun while riding in the desert, Zachariah and his best friend, Matthew the blacksmith, begin to play with it, and eventually decide to leave their small town and seek more colorful adventure as gunfighters. While following a criminal band called “The Crackers” into a saloon, Zachariah is challenged, and shoots the aggressor dead, demonstrating he has a quick talent for gunplay. He and Matthew strong-arm their way into joining The Crackers, but find they are inept at pulling off successful crimes, and leave them behind.

A taunting fiddler alerts Zachariah to the legendary outlaw Job Cain, and soon he and Matthew seek him out at his home saloon hoping to join with him. Job, whose gun skills are kept sharp through musical drumming, challenges the boys to fire at each other to demonstrate their talent, but Zachariah..

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John Rubinstein as Zachariah
Pat Quinn as Belle Starr
Don Johnson as Matthew
Country Joe and The Fish as The Crackers
Elvin Jones as Job Cain
Doug Kershaw as The Fiddler
William Challee as Old Man
Robert Ball as Stage Manager
Dick Van Patten as The Dude
James Gang as Job Cain’s Band (as The James Gang)
White Lightnin’ as Old Man’s Band
The New York Rock Ensemble as Belle Starr’s Band

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