What Happened to Young Guns 2?

One of the hardest things to do in Hollywood is to make a highly anticipated movie sequel that lives up to the original, much less surpasses it. But if you had a loaded six-shooter pressed to your temple and had to answer as quickly and honestly as possible, what would you say the all-time best movie Western sequel happens to be? Sergio Leone’s Dollars trilogy certainly comes to mind as the most sterling example. Yet, in terms of a Western that uses historical events to tell a compelling biographical tale, it’s hard to eclipse the blistering entertainment value of Young Guns II – a movie that continues the saga of William H. Bonney, aka, Billy the Kid, and his gunslinging compatriots, The Regulators, following their valiant efforts fighting in the Lincoln County War. Released two years after the original, Young Guns II became nearly as successful as the original in terms of box office sales and critical reception.

While some creative liberties were taken to increase the dramatic effect of the story, like its popular predecessor, Young Guns II largely stuck to historical facts regarding The Regulators’ role in avenging John Tunstall and defeating notorious lawman Pat Garrett. Now that we’ve already gotten to the bottom of Young Guns’ production history, we’re back by popular demand to do the same for the scintillating sequel. Regulators, mount up…it’s time to get this party started and figure out What Happened to Young Guns II!

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