What happened with Marilyn Monroe ? | Cold Case | Documentary

In August 1962, America lost its iconic blonde beauty: Marilyn Monroe, cause of mortality remains mysterious.

Marilyn Monroes passing is as enigmatic as her persona: Marilyn Monroe was captivating and uncertain, glamorous and unhappy, a conflicted soul who embodied sensuality and became a canvas for generations. But what really happened?

After her housekeeper discovered Marilyn Monroe, six hours passed before the police were called. Officers found an artfully arranged corpse with traces of sleeping pills in her bloodstream but no evidence of pills in Marilyn Monroes stomach. Today, no police records are available. Several men played shadowy roles in this drama: Marilyn’s psychiatrist, as well as two of the most powerful men of their time, John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby Kennedy.

Documentary: Cold Case

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