When A Stranger Calls / Das Grauen kommt um 10 (Thriller, 1979) Deutsch, Full Movie, 976-MOVIE

“When a Stranger Calls” is a 1979 psychological horror film directed by Fred Walton. The story revolves around a babysitter named Jill Johnson, played by Carol Kane, who starts receiving disturbing phone calls while looking after two children. As tension mounts and Jill discovers the source of the calls, the film builds toward a suspenseful confrontation. It then delves into the aftermath of this terrifying experience, with a private investigator, portrayed by Charles Durning, joining the hunt for the caller. The film features a talented ensemble cast, and is celebrated for its suspenseful storytelling and memorable moments in the horror genre.

Carol Kane as Jill Johnson
Charles Durning as John Clifford
Tony Beckley as Curt Duncan
Colleen Dewhurst as Tracy
Rutanya Alda as Mrs. Mandrakis
Carmen Argenziano as Dr. Mandrakis
William Boyett as Sgt. Sacker
Ron O’Neal as Lt. Charlie Garber
Kristen Larkin as Nancy

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